Google Fiber Reopens Service Sign Ups in Kansas City

Gives Homes In 180 ‘Fiberhoods’ Another Chance To Get Service

Christmas is coming early for some consumers in the Kansas City area who missed their chance to sign up for  Google Fiber services during the first phase of deployment.

Google Fiber announced this week that has reopened service signups for single-family homes starting today through December 22 for about 180 fiberhoods (areas comprised of 250 to 1,500 homes) in Kansas City, Kan., and central Kansas City, Mo.

“If you sign up over the next month, we hope to have your service installed by Spring of 2014,” Rachel Hack, Google Fiber’s Kansas City community manager, explained in this blog post.

In an FAQ about the re-opening, Google Fiber said people have moved into new homes or new fiberhoods since service installs started a year ago, but missed the original fiberhood sign-up deadline. Google Fiber noted that it has no current plans to open sign-ups again for these specific fiberhoods. “If you want Fiber, we’d recommend signing up now, since we’re not sure when there will be another chance,” the FAQ added.

To entice new sign-ups during this temporary re-opening, customers who take Google Fiber’s 1-Gig/TV service package will have a chance to pick up a Nexus 7 tablet  Google Fiber Space location before services are installed by next March. That same tablet will also double as a fancy remote control when customers are actually connected to the Google Fiber TV service.

Google Fiber is also offering a “holiday gift” (a Google Fiber holiday mug, as it turns out) to all customers who sign up for service during the November 20-December 22 timeframe. Both the mug and Nexus 7 tablet, offered at one of the Google Fiber Space locations in the Kansas City area, are available “while supplies last,” the company explained.

Google Fiber began to connect customers in the Kansas City area about a year ago, but has not disclosed how many customers have signed up so far. AT&T, SureWest Communications, Time Warner Cable and, to a lesser degree, Comcast, are the incumbent service providers Google Fiber will be facing off with as it continues to expand in the Kansas City region.

Separately, Hack noted that consumers in several other nearby communities that have inked franchise deals with Google Fiber, including north and south Kansas City, Mo.; Gladstone, Grandview and Raytown, will be able to sign up for Google Fiber services in March. She added that more details will be disclosed in early 2014.

Elsewhere, Google Fiber recently started to light up its upgraded 1 Gbps-capable network in Provo, Utah. It expects to start connecting customers in Austin, Texas, by mid-2014.