Google Fiber Spreads to Gladstone

Another Missouri City Embraces Google’s 1 Gig Network

Google Fiber’s march into the Kansas City area continued Monday evening as the Gladstone, Mo., city council voted in favor of bringing the company’s 1 Gig network to the community.

Approval clears the way for Google Fiber to string its network into Gladstone, a town located just north of Kansas City. Gladstone has a population of about 25,784 and roughly 12,148 housing units, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.

Google Fiber announced Gladstone's approval on its blog Monday night. It is not estimating when it can start to build and connect homes in Gladstone as the company has yet to complete the initial planning and engineering portion of the coming build out.  It's expected that Google Fiber, like it has done in other parts of the K.C. market, will divide Gladstone into individual "fiberhoods" (areas comprised of 250 to 1,500 households) and ask consumers there to pre-register and establish enough demand for Google Fiber to justify deployments in those target areas.

Google Fiber’s been on a bit of a roll in the region.  Last week, Grandview, Mo. (population 24,555) gave Google Fiber the green light just a few days after Shawnee, Kan., did the same. Google also has approval to bring its broadband and IPTV service bundles to Olathe, Kan. Depending on the portion of the Kansas City market, Google Fiber is poised to compete with area wireline incumbents AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Comcast and Surewest Communications. Google Fiber will also grapple with DirecTV and Dish Network, which both market satellite broadband services that complement their traditional video packages. 

Outside of K.C., Google has also cut a deal to take over the iProvo fiber network in Provo, Utah, and has a deal to begin its build in Austin, Texas, in mid-2014.