Google Fiber Weaves in HBO

Plugs Lineup Gap with HBO, Cinemax Packages
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Google Fiber has filled a big gap in its IPTV programing lineup with the addition of an HBO package for $20 per month as it gets ready to connect more homes in the Kansas City area. 

In addition to the flagship HBO channel, the package also includes HBO2,  HBO Signature, HBO Family, HBO Latino, HBO Comedy and HBO Zone.  Customers can add a Cinemax multiplex (Max, MoreMax,  ActionMax, ThrillerMax, WMax, @Max, 5-StarMax and OuterMax) for another $10. Google Fiber does not currently offer access to the HBO GO and Max GO TV Everywhere services, a spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday via email.

In comparison, Time Warner Cable, which competes with Google Fiber in Kansas City and does support those apps, offers an HBO package that starts at $15.95 per month. 

Google Fiber’s more inclusive premium package, which packs in Starz and Showtime channels, runs $40 per month.  It also sells Starz and Showtime as standalones for $10 per month each, and a Hispanic programming tier and the ESPN 3D channel for $5 per month each.

Google Fiber has begun to connect homes in Kansas City, Mo.; and Kansas  City, Kan., offering access to a 1 Gbps broadband service for $70 per month and a pay-TV bundle that starts at $120 per month.  With the spring thaw on, Google Fiber has set service sign-on deadlines for several more “fiberhoods” as it prepares to extend its network to other parts of the K.C. region.  

It’s also on tap to deliver fiber-fed services in Austin, Texas, starting in mid-2014,

It’s also on tap to deliver fiber-fed services in Austin, Texas, starting in mid-2014, but the company declined last week to tell reporters what programming it has lined up for its video service there beyond some local sports.