Google Fine-Tunes TV Spots With Visible World


Google will let advertisers using its TV Ads buying platform generate different versions of their ads -- based on viewing -- through a deal with targeted-advertising provider Visible World.

Visible World's message-optimization engine can automatically create multiple spots featuring different offers, products and search terms based on various data, including target-audience demographics and set-top-box metrics. That feature is now available directly via Google's TV Ads service.

"It used to be, once a campaign was in motion, you had to analyze it after the fact," Visible World president Tara Walpert Levy said. "Now you have the ability to change a campaign in midflight."

Google TV Ads clients include Priceline, Lenovo, and Jenny Craig. The Internet company has a deal with Dish Network to sell local advertising inventory on more than 90 networks, as well as agreements with programmers including NBC Universal, CBS College Sports and Bloomberg TV.

Google also aggregates and analyzes viewing data from more than 4 million Dish set-top boxes. While it recently pulled the plug on its newspaper and radio advertising initiatives, Google has maintained that it remains committed to TV.

New York-based Visible World works with more than 200 advertisers and delivers targeted advertising to 100 million U.S. television households. The company is working with Cablevision Systems to deliver TV ads based on an individual subscriber's demographic data to some 500,000 households.