Google, Verizon Generally Agree on Net Neutrality

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Google and Verizon made it official Monday.

They said
they have come to agreement on seven Internet principles that they say
could form the basis of a legislative framework for network openness.
Those include agreeing that the FCC should add
a nondiscrimination principle to its network openness guidelines, and
that Congress should make all the guidelines enforceable.

companies, which have been working on a joint approach to reasonable
network management for months, outlined their agreement Monday
in a conference call with reporters featuring Google CEO Eric Schmidt
and Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg as well as in a blog posting.

But only a
new transparency principle (the FCC has proposed adding that and the
non-discrimination principle to its current four Internet freedoms)
would be applied to wireless broadband, though under
the proposal the GAO would be asked to check up regularly to make sure
that the framework for wireless was serving consumers' interests.

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