Gotuit Adds Social Tagging


Gotuit Media -- which supplies video-searching capabilities to on-demand cable systems and hosts a broadband-video portal -- added social-video-tagging capability to its broadband site that lets consumers tag scenes within videos on sites like YouTube and Metacafe.

Gotuit CEO Mark Pascarella cited as an example the popular six-minute "Evolution of Dance" online video and said a Gotuit user could find a particular dance within that video (say, Thriller), tag it and then either send someone else an e-mailed link or embed the scene in a Web site or blog.

Another example would be a direct link to 40 seconds containing a specific joke out of a 10-minute comedy video.

Gotuit calls the new enhancement SceneMaker and explained that, when watched, the video would stream from the hosting site while the scene metadata would be delivered by Gotuit to allow the viewer to see just that specific scene.

These scenes will then be available to other video enthusiasts using Gotuit's InVideo search engine.

There's also potential to place ads ahead of targeted scenes, Gotuit said.

The application is for broadband video, but Pascarella said it ultimately could be a cable enhancement when video can be played back via the set-top or shared among on-demand users.

Woburn, Mass.-based Gotuit's on-demand channels are available in about 700,000 Comcast and Time Warner Cable homes, mostly via former Adelphia Communications systems.