Gotuit Cues Up Broadband-Video Portal


Broadband users have a new outlet for video thanks to a new portal launched by on-demand technology provider Gotuit Media.

Launched Monday, ( offers a library of video content covering music, news, sports and entertainment rounded up from providers including Universal Music, Reuters, AP, AccuWeather and Planet X, plus movie trailers and a collection of short films. Gotuit plans to expand its content base through partnerships with premium-video-content owners.

The portal is powered by Gotuit’s search and navigation technology, which the company said will make finding, loading and watching videos faster and easier for online users.

The Gotuit video technology also allows users to search for specific points inside a video -- such as a winning touchdown -- and to create a virtual highlight reel using segments from several videos.

"It's no longer about making video available online -- it's about helping consumers to make sense of it. We're focused on enabling people to find the video they want quickly and easily," Gotuit president Mark Pascarella said. "Our search and navigation technology, paired with professional content, gives viewers instant, relevant and precise access to the video they are most interested in seeing."