Gotuit Indexes Scripps VOD For Time Warner


Gotuit Media Corp. will index video-on-demand content from Scripps Networks in a trial set to start in Time Warner Cable’s Maine system.

The Gotuit software will allow Scripps to keep track of the segments inside each piece of content, so viewers can go directly to what interests them.

“Allowing subscribers the ability to navigate our content and view precisely those segments of the program that they are most interested in introduces the next evolution of TV viewing behavior,” said Scripps senior vice president of emerging media Channing Dawson.

Dawson said the service is up and running, initially indexing some 10 hours from HGTV On Demand and Food On Demand.

“We’re starting to do [indexing] with our compilations and this is a further extension of our chaptering idea,” he said.

Once a viewer calls up a garden show, for example, they’ll see in the upper right hand corner a list of “chapters” within the program that they can immediately navigate to. Any show could have well over a dozen chapters, Dawson said.

Indexing for DIY On Demand and Fine Living On Demand also is planned.

It’s the first announced trial of Gotuit’s indexing technology and the first test with a major basic cable operator.

Last month, Gotuit signed deals with the National Lacrosse League and Collegiate Images.

More notably, Gotuit has demonstrated how its software can index major sporting events, like football games. It would allow a viewer to skip to the big plays, major drives or touchdowns, depending on how much time the viewer had available.

“Gotuit is a perfect enhancement to Scripps Networks, which has built its reputation on staying ahead of the curve,” Gotuit president Mark Pascarella said in a statement.