Grand Rapids Joins DirecTV's Local List


DirecTV Inc. said Wednesday that it plans to add Grand Rapids, Mich., to the
list of DMAs offering local-into-local broadcast networks on the
direct-broadcast satellite platform.

The company plans to add the nine broadcast channels in the Grand Rapids
market in mid-July.

The stations will be delivered from the 119 degrees west orbital location,
which means consumers choosing that service would need slightly larger dishes
than those receiving programming only from the core DirecTV service at 101

Customers would also need relatively late model receivers capable of seeing
programming from multiple orbital locations.

DirecTV plans to have 47 local-to-local markets by midyear. It currently
delivers local broadcast signals to eligible consumers in 43 markets. By
year-end, the company plans to have 51 local-to-local markets in its roster.

EchoStar Communications Corp. has said it would deliver local broadcast
signals from all 210 U.S. DMAs if its proposed merger with DirecTV parent Hughes
Electronics Corp. goes through.