Grass Valley Acquires PubliTronic

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Grass Valley has acquired PubliTronic, a privately-held Dutch company that provides multichannel, integrated, automated playout solutions.

PubliTronic will become a new division at Grass Valley called Media Playout Systems and PubliTronic products will form the basis for a new product family, the K2 Edge, which will be focused on integrated playout solutions.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

In announcing the deal, Alain Andreoli, president and CEO of Grass Valley, noted that it was the second Grass Valley acquisition this year and stressed that the acquisition illustrates how "the new ownership is investing in the future of this company."

PubliTronic, based in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, began operations in 1997 by developing some of the earliest integrated playout solutions and has been primarily focused on the European market.

Grass Valley executives expect PubliTronic to help them tap into growing demand by broadcasters and multichannel operators for cost-effective solutions to launch and playout additional digital channels, a dynamic that has made integrated playout solutions one of the fastest growing segments in the broadcasting equipment market.

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