Grass Valley Delivers Full AVC-Intra Solution

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As part of an ongoing technology collaboration with Panasonic, Grass Valley has delivered a full AVC-Intra workflow solution for news production and playout applications that provides seamless interoperability with Panasonic's AVC-Intra compression format.
The move makes Grass Valley's complete line of HD media servers and editing products compatible with AVC-Intra. It will streamline a variety of content creation process and provide an end-to-end video compression solution for its clients.
"Broadcasters are always looking for new and advanced technology to help them store and transfer their content in the most efficient way and that's exactly what the AVC-Intra codec is designed to do," noted Tadao Shimozuru, director of Professional AV Systems B.U., Panasonic Corporation in a statement. "No format can be successful without the support of key vendors like Grass Valley, which has been a great partner in the evolution of the AVC-Intra format."