Greensboro Op Taps Consultant


Atlanta-Time Warner Cable of Greensboro, N.C., and sales and marketing consultant FastForward Communications bolstered subscriber revenues by convincing system employees to consider "every customer contact [as] a sales opportunity," according to Fast- Forward president Jill Slavin.

A FastForward retail audit devised ways to boost profits at little incremental cost by making better use of sales and marketing tactics already in place. "We learned that what was needed was not more marketing, but betterexecution," system vice president and general manager Dianne Blackwood said.

The system cut nonpay disconnects by 18.5 percent on an annual basis. And customer-service representative upgrade pitches in June and July yielded 6,380 incremental units at an average commission cost of $2.84, up 8 percent in CPST (cable-product service-tier) units and 62 percent in premium units, Slavin said.

"With the newer digital-tier units and Road Runner units, we have improved upgrades by 89 percent," she added.