GridNetworks Taps Sony PlayStations


GridNetworks, an Internet video distribution platform startup backed by Comcast and Cisco Systems, announced Wednesday that its service now supports delivery to Sony PlayStation 3 game consoles.

The Seattle-based company last month launched the GridCast TV service with support for Microsoft Xbox 360 game consoles. GridNetworks’ strategy is to provide a way to watch Internet video on TVs without requiring consumers to buy an extra set-top device.

The service would allow Web publishers let users select video to watch on TV, with GridNetworks’ PC-based software streaming the content to an Xbox, PlayStation or other compatible device.

According to GridNetworks, more than 36 million homes have either an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, with roughly half of those in the U.S.

The company also cited research from consulting firm TDG predicting approximately 190 million households will use a next-generation game console by 2012, and that 80% of those will have consoles connected to the Internet.