Group Seeks TV Health Warnings


A group concerned about TV's health impact on children wants the federal
government to force TV stations to air announcements that would urge parents to
turn off TV sets.

The proposal was the product of a group called TV-Turnoff Network, which
asked the Federal Communications Commission in a Dec. 23 filing to adopt
regulations requiring the broadcast of TV-related health warnings.

Since 1995, TV-Turnoff Network has sponsored weeklong campaigns designed to
persuade parents to shut off TV sets. The group -- which claimed that children
on average spend more time in front of TV than in school -- told the FCC
excessive TV watching has "negative health, academic and other consequences for

Under TV-Turnoff Network's proposal, the FCC would require every TV station
to run "periodic announcements" during all dayparts telling parents TV viewing
has health risks for children that can be addressed by shutting off the