Groups Pressure FCC to Back Off Media Ownership Vote

Schedule Wednesday Press Conference to Press Point

Civil rights groups, media acitvists and unions Wednesday will try to put renewed pressure on the FCC to back off a vote on its quadrennial review of media ownership rules until it has sufficiently studied the impact of proposed changes on women and minorities.

On Wednesday, representatives of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Newspaper Guild/CWA, Free Press and others will hold a teleconference to urge the commission to "stop its rush to lift longstanding media ownership limits."

FCC chairman Julius Genachowski has circulated an order that according to multiple sources would loosen the newspaper/TV station crossownership ban along the lines of an effort by his Republican predecessor, Kevin Martin; remove restrictions on newspaper/radio station crossownership, lift the ban on TV station/radio crossownership, but also make some joint sales agreements subject to the local ownership caps.

The groups have already written the chairman expressing their concern that it would be premature to vote until it analyzes the impact on women and minorities, as instructed by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in remanding the rules back to the FCC.