GSN Gets Into HD Game


Los Angeles — GSN will
be launching a high-definition
feed on Sept. 15, when its
GSN HD simulcast will go live
on satellite Galaxy 13, transponder

No distribution
has been
announced, but
GSN senior vice
president of distribution
Gillespie said
the network has
been testing the
signal with several
major operators.
With more
capacity opening
up on cable and
satellite platforms
for HD feeds, he
expects to rapidly
gain distribution
for the channel,
which is currently
available in standard
definition in
about 73 million

“Most operators
are shooting
for 100-plus HD
channels and we
think we will be
one of those services,”
he said.

The launch highlights
the growing availability
of high-definition game-show
programming, which like other
types of daytime and syndicated
programming has been slower
to make the transition than
sports or primetime fare. “Until
recently, not a lot of game show
programming was being done
in HD,” Gillespie said.

GSN is now producing all of
its 10 original shows in highdefinition and “some of the
stuff that is coming off network
and syndication is being done
in HD,” Gillespie noted when
asked about the timing of the
launch, which is comes after
most major programmers have
already begun offering HD
feeds. “With all the new programming
we are doing and
what is coming out way in HD
[from off -network or syndication],
it made sense to do it at
this time.”

At launch, all of the primetime
programming will be produced
in native HD, and about
40% of the overall schedule will
be in high def, with the rest upconverted.

GSN moved into new facilities
about eight months ago,
enabling it to produce its new
shows in HD. Gillespie expects
the proportion of HD programming
on the channel to expand
over the next year as GSN continues
to expand its original