GSN 'Schooled' Tour Passes Midway


As its 14-market, $150,000 "Get Schooled Tour" passed its midway point, Game
Show Network Wednesday announced the first seven students winning $10,000 in
college tuition.

The tour, with Bank of America N.A. as the major sponsor, calls for one
student in each of 14 cities to win $10,000 in college tuition, plus an
additional grand prize to be awarded to an online winner.

Comcast Corp. sponsored six of the first seven stops on the tour through
April 15, and Charter Communications Inc. sponsored the other one. All told,
Comcast will be the affiliate partner in 11 of the markets and Charter in

In one interesting anecdote, GSN reported that the family of the winner in
Boston (where Comcast partnered) postponed their vacation by a day in order to
take a shot at the tuition prize.

In another, the network said, a father in Miami (where Comcast tied in) won
the tuition prize for his four-year-old daughter.

The tour, which will run through May 31, has also attracted CompUSA, World
Book Inc., Sony Electronics Corp., Spencer Gifts and others as sponsors, GSN