Gulf Views Tint ‘Blue August’

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Planet Green’s annual
“Blue August” programming
stunt will highlight the Gulf of
Mexico oil spill through new
short vignettes featuring footage
from the devastated region.

The content is derived from
30 hours of footage shot in early
July in the Gulf Coast region by
network personalities Phillippe
Cousteau and Alexandria Cousteau,
president and general manager
Laura Michalchyshyn said.

The 30- to 60-second shorts
feature commentary from the
Cousteaus on the environmental
impact of the April BP oilrig
explosion that led to the
dumping of more than 180 million
gallons of oil into the gulf.
The vignettes also feature interviews
with fishermen, residents
and local officials adversely affected
by the spill.

They’ll run throughout the
monthlong lineup of programming
that launched yesterday
(Aug. 2), focused on the planet’s
bodies of water.

“This is very much our way of
paying credence to what’s going
on in the gulf,” Michalchyshyn
said. “It’s a timely and urgent look
at the unfortunate circumstance
regarding what’s happened over
the last four months.

We literally shot this video
two and a half weeks ago, so
we’re putting it on in short form
so that we can get it on the air
as quickly as possible. It brings
even more vital ity and importance
to the programming

The footage will likely be made
into a 30-minute or one-hour special
to air later in the fall.

“There’s been a lot of reporting
on the disaster itself and the follow-
up on how to seal the leak,”
she said. “We want to know what
the locals are experiencing and
hope to bring those stories to the
network and to our viewers.”

Planet Green’s Gulf Coast footage
will also be available online
during the month via treehugger.
com and

The network is teaming with
Blue August sponsors Ocean
Conservancy, Oceana, Surfrider
Foundation, The Nature Conservancy
and the Natural Resources
Defense Council to run publicservice
announcements on air
and online, inspired by individual
stories from the Gulf Coast.

Blue August will feature 56
hours of programming, headlined
by the Aug. 8 primetime premiere
of the six-part BBC and Discovery-
produced documentary series
Oceans Blue. Debuting Aug. 2
is Coastwatch, which follows the
members of New Zeland’s Ministry
of Fisheries, and One Water,
a documentary narrated by Martin
Sheen about communities
throughout the planet struggling
to obtain and maintain potable
water. Planet Green will premiere
on Aug. 30 the Oscar-winning documentary
The Cove about dolphin
hunts in a remote, hidden cove in
Taiji, Japan.