Half Of Shoppers Watch TV Before Going To Store: Study


Almost half (48%) of shoppers were watching TV in the hour (42 minutes, to be exact) before going shopping.
That is according further findings from a study by the Council For Research Excellence. The study was actually released in 2008, but CRE released what it called further data "mined" from that Video Consumer Mapping (VCM) study conducted by Ball State University.
Not surprisingly, once they got to the store, most shoppers were concentrated on the business at hand. Only 17% were on their mobile phones, only 16% viewed live TV and only 7% viewed some other type of video while in the stores.
CRE recognizes that those figures are a bit long in the tooth: "[T]hese particular findings would need to be balanced today against the significant advances in mobile-phone technology since the study's completion."
Among the other newly extracted findings, most (86%) consume media with their meals and 62% while they are preparing them.
According to the study, a lot of those meals are single portions. More than two thirds (69%) of TV viewing is solitary.
CRE members include CBS, Comcast, Cox, Discovery, Disney, Hearst Television, NBC Universal, News Corporation, and the veritable host of others.