Half Of U.S. Homes Have Streaming VOD

Analyst Says Impact on Traditional TV is Modest
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Streaming video-on-demand services are now in 50% of U.S. TV homes, according to a new analysis of Nielsen data by Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research, up from 43% a year ago.

While some analysts believe services like Netflix and Hulu are killing traditional TV, Wieser says the most-recent increase in SVOD penetration is having only a modestly downward effect on traditional TV viewing.

Looking at the data from Oct. 1, 2015 through Feb. 21 2016, Wieser says that not every network is down because of the availability of SVOD services. Viewing of CBS’ broadcast network and Time Warner’s ad supported cable network are up. And they’re up more in SVOD homes than in those hoes without SVOD services.

TV ratings have been dropping because a the spread of digital viewing choices. In addition to streaming over-the-top services, viewers have DVRs to delay viewing, online sources such as YouTube and even video-on-demand from cable operators.

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