Hall of Fame Names Candidates


Denver -- Cable pioneer Burt Harris, who heads the Cable
Hall of Fame selection committee for the class of 2000, has released a list of the names
under consideration for induction next year. Of the more than 70 names on the list, 13 are

The selection committee will include at least three Hall of
Fame inductees: Bill Daniels, Amos Hostetter and John Malone. Harris says he's also asked
the three other living members of the Hall of Fame (Gerald Levin, Ted Turner and E.
Stratford Smith) to serve on the 11-member committee.

Assuming that Levin, Turner and Smith agree to serve, the
remaining four electors will be chosen at random from among the 1999 selection committee.
Six 1999 committee members are also under consideration for induction. They'd be
ineligible if they sit on the selection committee.

There is no specific number of inductees. However,
precedent from the first two years seems to suggest that five or six individuals will be
selected, and that at least one of them will be inducted posthumously. Those selected will
be honored at the May 2000 National Show in New Orleans.

Although the list of nominees is relatively large, Harris
said, it could grow even larger if he receives additional names from committee members or
Cable Center and Museum board members.