Hallmark Channel First to Debut Nielsen Local-Market Software

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Hallmark Channel is the first Nielsen national cable client to launch the rating company’s new Arianna Multi Market product, software for local-market ratings data, officials said Thursday.

The Arianna system is Nielsen’s new local-market ratings program, with added features that allows networks to pull customized reports and retrieve data in an expedited manner.

Hallmark Channel’s vice president of research Jim Bono was part of a group of cable industry executives who tested the system in its Beta stage and played a key role in the development of the product.

“Arianna is a great addition to Hallmark Channel’s current repertoire of systems that we employ to create reports and analyses for our affiliate and local sales teams,” Bono said in a prepared statement.  “We are especially excited to be the first network to launch this system because it allows us to use the most current data to continue to grow the network’s distribution.”