Hallmark Hails Telefilm Sequel Pair

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Hallmark Channel will reprise two of its top telefilms, with production on the original films set to begin in the weeks ahead.

The family friendly service has greenlighted sequels to The Good Witch and The Note. Good Witch 2, again starring Catherine Bell and Chris Potter, follows the original, which attracted a 3.8 household rating and 3.2 million homes, making it the second highest-rated original movie for the network.  

Production begins in Toronto later this month on The Good Witch 2, in which a stranger arrives in Middleton claiming to be the heir to the Grey House. “Good Witch” Cassie Nightingale’s (Bell) relationship with police chief Jake Russell (Potter) is threatened when this new man enters her life, as everyone learns the importance of trust in the small town Cassie now calls home. The film is scheduled to debut sometime next year.

Meanwhile, production will also begin in Toronto during November on Taking a Chance on Love, the sequel to The Note, which was Hallmark’s fourth highest-rated original film, when it premiered Dec. 8, 2007 to a 3.4 household rating, 2.8 million homes and over 5.2 million viewers.

Taking a Chance on Love, again features Genie Francis and Ted McGinley in the lead roles. In The Note, newspaper columnist Peyton MacGruder (Francis) took viewers on a journey of hope and inspiration as she traveled the country to find the intended recipient of an anonymous note found at the site of an airplane crash. As the story unfolds, MacGruder finds moral support from her longtime colleague, King Danville (McGinley), with whom she shared a flirtatious-but-professional relationship. In the sequel, which is slated to bow in January, MacGruder investigates a reader’s letter that unfolds into a story of lost love and gives her insight into her own life and the risk one must take to fall in love