Halogen TV To Launch Thursday Primetime Action Sports Lineup via Red Bull Media Partnership


Halogen TV will launch its action-sports lineup Thursday, fueled by Red Bull Media House fare.
Beginning Aug. 23, Halogen TV will turn its Thursday primetime roster to a trio of sports/lifestyle shows -- Ultimate Rush, Break ‘N Reality and Surf Life -- emanating from the programming and marketing deal the network announced during Cable Show 2012 in May. Financial terms were not disclosed.
"Red Bull's mission to give wings to people and ideas is a perfect fit with the Halogen brand," said Halogen TV general manager and founder Becky Henderson in a statement. "Their inspiring programs will be an anchor to Halogen TV's new Thursday night lineup. I'm thrilled to call Red Bull Media House our partner, and excited to share their content with our viewers."

Produced by Red Bull Media House and Matchstick Productions, the 20-episode series Ultimate Rush, which will air at 8 p.m. (ET), asks whey these athletes do what they do. Chris Davenport, Antoine Montant, Hervé Cerutti, Steve Fisher and other action sports legends join with cameramen Scott Gaffney, Dustin Lindgren and Guillaume Tessier to explore the fine line between extreme sport, philosophy and art, against cinematic backdrops in the Rocky Mountains, Morocco, China, Bolivia, Thailand and Norway.

Break'N Reality, from Red Bull Media House, follows the "B-Boys,"three breakdancing icons: Lilou, who lives in France and feels he owes Algeria, his home country, a third title as world champion; San Diegan Roxrite wants to pass his skills on to the next generation; and Neguin, whose performance integrates fight moves from Brazilian Capoeira, intends to defend his title and overcome the grief stemming from his brother's death. The show is set to debut on Halogen TV Thursdays at 9 p.m.

Hagan Kelly will take viewers on the road to exotic discovery in the series Surf Life. A self-proclaimed "wave hunter," Hagan travels to secret hotspots in the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Trinidad/Tobago and California in search of epic waves and meets some professional and unsung surfing heroes who give back to their cultural. Produced by Todd Lewis, Surf Life is a Halogen TV original series that premieres this Thursday at 10 p.m.
Check out a sneak peek of Halogen TV's new Thursday night lineup here.