Harris Plugs Into Google TV Ads


Harris announced it will integrate its media inventory systems with Google’s TV Ads, which will give cable network and operator customers the option to offer inventory through the Internet giant’s ad-buying portal.

The ability to access Google TV Ads is currently available to cable networks using Harris’ Paradigm traffic system. Harris said its OSi-Traffic, BMS and Novar systems can also be adapted for the Google service.

Google launched the TV Ads ad-buying platform earlier this year with inventory on Dish Network. NBC Universal last month said it planned to sell an unspecified amount of inventory from six of its cable networks through the Google service.

Harris noted that inventory owners using Google TV Ads will continue to maintain full control over business data such as inventory, rates and sellout levels through the Harris media inventory service.

“The media inventory service provides our customers with a new sales channel for their inventory, attracting new advertisers to television that were previously hard to reach,” said Harris Morris, vice president, Media and Workflow, Harris Broadcast Communications.

Using current traffic system inventory tools, the Harris media inventory service allows users to select and forward available inventory to Google TV Ads for sale. When spots are sold, the service delivers the spots from Google TV Ads to the Harris traffic system, where they are managed following normal spot-placement rules. As spots are approved and aired, the service provides campaign status information to both Google TV Ads and inventory owners.