Hatch Pokes Fun at Gore

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Washington -- Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Orrin
Hatch (R-Utah), in a speech about the Microsoft Corp. antitrust case, continued the
Republican campaign of teasing Vice President Al Gore for claiming that he created the

Hatch, a Microsoft critic, called on Gore to state his
views on the case before the time comes when Congress might have to pass legislation to
curb the software giant's influence over the Internet industry.

"After all, doesn't the father of the Internet
have a view on who should be able to control his creation?" Hatch said in a Senate
floor speech on March 8.

Two weeks ago, Gore told Cable News Network's Wolf
Blitzer that while serving in Congress, "I tool the initiative in creating the
Internet." In fact, the Internet was developed a decade before Gore's arrival on
Capitol Hill.

Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.), House Majority
Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas) and others in the GOP have ribbed Gore for exaggerating his
role in the advent of the Internet.

Hatch said he plans to hold hearings later this year to
examine Microsoft's influence on the Internet. In the past, Hatch has said he was
concerned about Microsoft attempting to control the Internet, possibly through the cable

The Microsoft trial is in recess until April 12. A Gore
spokesman said Gore is not commenting on the case.