HBO Campaign Is Bloody Deceptive

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Perhaps you've seen the print or outdoor ads for a bright red bottled beverage, with taglines such as “Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Friends” and “Real Blood is for Suckers.”

The product in question, Tru Blood branded “synthetic blood nourishment beverage,” might even ring true in this day of athletes accused of blood doping. But the extra slogan — “HBO Reminds Vampires to Drink Responsibly” — should give it away.

The campaign is for HBO's upcoming series created by Alan “Six Feet Under” Ball and starring Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. It's called True Blood. Vampires are involved, and they drink synthetic blood so they don't have to “drink friends.”

The TV ads mimic beer commercials — even down to the pun “This Blood's for you.” A Web site,, promotes the vampire rights' movement, advocating vampire-human marriages, among other reforms.

The show debuts Sept. 7.