HBO Goes Mobile for Latinos with Galan


HBO is teaming up with Galan Entertainment to produce a series of 90- to 120-second segments of mobile content geared to the Latino community, officials said Wednesday.

The series, entitled La Traductora (The Translator), shows through mini-novelas the daily experiences of Carmen and her daughter, Maribel. Like most children of immigrants, Maribel is her mom’s professional translator. Every day, Carmen is confronted with issues that require her to learn key phrases in English.

Maribel comes to the rescue in a very comedic way, getting her mother out of potentially embarrassing situations while at the same time teaching her English 101.

The vignettes will provide Latinos with relatable entertainment and information that includes their own “phone dictionary” containing key phrases in English, which are essential for survival in the United States.

“I started Galan Entertainment launching new TV channels into Latin America,” president Nely Galán said in a prepared statement. “Now, we’re at the forefront of the digital age, producing entertainment content for new platforms such as mobile phones and iPods.”

It is estimated that Hispanics are disproportionate cellular-phone users. Given the unreliable landline systems in Latin American countries, many Latinos remain loyal mobile users even after coming into the United States. In addition, the abundance of cheap cell phones with built-in minutes makes the instrument a much easier investment than installing phone service at home.