HBO, Netflix, Nielsen Score Tech Emmys

Recipients to Be Honored at 2016 International CES
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HBO, Netflix, DirecTV, EchoStar, Nielsen and DirecTV are among the receptions of Emmys in the technology and engineering category for 2015

The National Academy and Television Arts & Sciences on Wednesday announced the recipients of the 67th Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards, which will be presented the evening of Jan. 8, 2016, at the Bellagio Hotel during the International Consumer Electronics Show.

By category, here’s the run-down of 2015 tech Emmy award-winners:

Pioneering Optimization of Advertising Placement in Single Channel Linear Television Programs:

-BCS (Imagine Communications)

Standardization and Pioneering Development of Non-Live Broadband Captioning:

- Netflix, HBO, Telestream, SMPTE, and W33

Open Modular Platform for Broadcast and Production Distribution and Conversion Equipment:

-Ross Video

Development and Standardization of HDBaseT Connectivity Technology for Commercial and Residential HDMI/DVI Installations:

-Valens Semiconductor

Phonetic Indexing and Timing

-Nexidia Inc.

Steganographic Technologies for Audio/Video

-Nielsen, Civolution, Digimarc, and Verance

Pre-production Visualization System:

-Autodesk, Cast-Soft, Innoventive Software, and Robert Abel

The Concept of Scanning for Image Transmission:

-Alexander Bain

Pioneering Development of Data Driven Traffic Systems for Multichannel Environments:

-MSA, Turner

Development of Enabling Technology for High Density Video Switching and Routing Solutions


Closed-loop Statistical Multiplexing of Geographically Distributed Encoders

-DirecTV, Echostar, Ericsson, and Harmonic