HBO’s Got Angels Everywhere


Looking to showcase the project as much as possible, Home Box Office will open a number of windows for Angels in America next month and beyond.

The HBO Films presentation of the Mike Nichols-directed adaptation of Tony Kushner’s Tony Award- and Pulitzer Prize-winning play will premiere as a two-part, six-hour movie event.

The first part, "Millennium Approaches," debuts Sunday, Dec. 7 from 8 p.m.-11 p.m. (EST/PST), while the second part, "Perestroika" follows Dec. 14 from 8 p.m.-11:05 p.m.

HBO2 will air Millennium Approaches Dec. 8 and 13 at 9 p.m., then present Perestroika at that time Dec. 15 and 20.

Viewers will also be able to watch the film in separate chapters on HBO in December: The first half airs at 8 p.m. Mondays-Wednesdays, while the second half will run at 10 p.m. Thursdays-Saturdays.

Multiplex HBO Signatures will pick up the film in January, playing all six chapters in order Jan. 3 beginning at 6 p.m. In addition, HBO Signature will play one chapter every Sunday night (9:30 p.m.) beginning Jan. 4.

"Because HBO is not just one channel, but many widely distributed multiplex channels, we can offer our subscribers different options for experiencing this extraordinary programming," executive vice president of program planning David Baldwin said in a prepared statement.

"The unprecedented primetime exposure of Angels in America lets our subscribers know how highly HBO values this remarkable production," he added.