HBO’s Vampire PSAs Rise In Manhattan, LA


Continuing its other-worldly marketing campaign behind upcoming vampire series True Blood, HBO is defacing posters.

HBO, which has sought to build buzz for the new Alan Ball series via viral efforts and by sinking its teeth into an on-air mockumentary and faux product pitches on bus kiosks, has now turned to wild postings touting a True Blood "public service announcement" initiative.

The PSAs, created by by Los Angeles ad agency …And Company, features a pair of print ads on either side of the “Vampire Rights Amendment. Ads supporting the points of view of the pro-American Vampire League and the anti-Fellowship of the Sun camp appeared in New York,Entertainment Weekly and Variety during July.

Wild-posting take-downs of the print creative were then exhumed to high-traffic outdoor locations in New York and Los Angeles.

After waiting a week, “graffited” versions of the PSAs came out at night. To that end, the clean PSA for the American Vampire League was “defaced” with markings of a star inscribed within a circle and the word ‘killer’ on the proponent’s forehead, while his smile now sports elongated incisors and dripping blood.

Similarly, the Fellowship of the Sun ad was treated immorally, so to speak, as a large, blood-colored 'T' was inserted between the ‘r’ and ‘a’ to make the copy now read “Vampires are Immortal.”

The graffiti versions, highlighting True Blood, which bows on Sept. 7 at 9 p.m., can still be spotted in both the Big Apple and City of Angels.