HealthiNation Adds Nutrition, Wellness Content To Lineup


Cable and online network HealthiNation will add wellness and nutrition content to its lineup of health-related programming with the launch several new series over the next several months.

Among the new series slated to launch are The Essentials, an educational series that provides information surrounding the vitamins, nutrients and compounds contained in the foods we eat; Simple Smoothies, a series that show viewers how to incorporate more vegetables through smoothie recopies; Kitchen Crashers, a "nutrition makeover" reality series in which nutritionists show real families how to incorporate healthier food into their lives; and Babyhood Basics, a series that focuses on topics for infants including feeding issues, essential products for new moms, and emotional support.

The slate of new nutrition and wellness TV shows coincides with a recently released study commissioned by consumer resarch company ORC International: Caravan revealing that Americans have an overly optimistic view of their own nutritional wellbeing but are not doing all that they can to stay healthy.

According to the survey 52% of adults think that they are doing all they can do to achieve a balanced nutritional diet, yet 76% of adults are not getting the minimum daily amount of fruits and vegetables as recommended by the USDA.

"Good nutrition is a key aspect to healthy living," said Dr. Holly Atkinson, Chief Medical Officer for HealthiNation in a prepared statement. "But as we can see from our national survey, people have a long way to go in achieving a healthful diet. We think education is a critical component to taking action and we believe there is real potential to inspire people to make healthier choices when they have the right tools."