Henson Co. Back in Family


Brian Henson, son of the late Jim Henson, announced Wednesday that he;
sisters Lisa, Cheryl and Heather; and brother John have signed a definitive
agreement to acquire The Jim Henson Co. from EM.TV & Merchandising AG for
$78 million in cash.

Upon completion of the transaction, all five family members will serve on the
company's board of directors, and Brian and Lisa Henson will be actively
involved in the company's management.

Assets that were part of Henson Co. at the time of its acquisition by EM.TV
in March 2000, and that EM.TV subsequently sold, included the Sesame
characters and the company's interests in cable networks Odyssey
Network (now Hallmark Channel), Noggin and Kermit.

Assets to be acquired in Wednesday's transaction include The Muppets, The
Muppet Babies, The Fraggles, The Hoobs, Farscape and Bear in the Big
Blue House

The company's principal operations include Henson Television, Jim Henson
Pictures, Jim Henson Interactive, Jim Henson Home Entertainment, the Henson
Recording Studio and Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

"I am absolutely thrilled that Lisa, Cheryl, John, Heather and I will acquire
the company our father founded some 45 years ago," Brian Henson said in a

"This has been a very challenging period for The Jim Henson Co.," he added.
"But the company has achieved some great things over the past few years,
continues to have great assets and, we firmly believe, has great