here! TV to Be Here Full-Time Oct. 1

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here! TV -- which heretofore has only aired on DirecTV Inc. and EchoStar Communications Corp.’s Dish Network as a pay-per-view service appealing to gay and lesbian audiences -- is planning a full-time launch for the fall.

The service -- currently proffering three to six PPV titles per month -- will launch as a full 24-hour service Oct. 1, according to network officials. Content will encompass movies, new original series, classic films, TV shows and other general-entertainment content, according to the network.

In the interim, here! TV hopes to entice MSO pickups via a subscription-video-on-demand package. Beginning June 1, here! TV will offer 30 hours of monthly fare, while also making its current direct-broadcast satellite slate available to cable operators via VOD or PPV.

Network executives indicated that all of the services will be offered on a revenue-share basis.