'Heroes' To Fly In A Store Near You


Next month, fans of the NBC series will be able to own their Heroes.

NBC Universal Television, DVD, Music and Consumer Products Group has teamed with Mezco Toyz to introduce the first set of seven-inch collectible figures based on the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated series, which also airs on G4 and Mojo through a repurposing deal.

The first of three sets planned for this year include five main characters and will be available in specialty stores, major retail outlets, online retailers and NBCstore.com, as well as the NBC Experience Store, come June

The first set features: Claire Bennet, the heroine cheerleader with incredible recuperative powers; Hiro Nakamura, the office worker with the ability to bend time and space; Peter Petrelli, the most powerful of all the heroes with the ability to absorb the powers of others; Mohinder Suresh, a genetics professor from India who truly believes there are people with super powers living among us; and Sylar, the manipulative and murderous villain.