Hi-Def Wave


If you haven't caught the HD wave sweeping over the cable industry these days, you have been hiding under a rock for the past year.

HD has risen from a service considered frivolous and bandwidth-greedy to a key competitive weapon to strike back at satellite providers. It certainly won't be hard to spot the HD focus at the National Cable and Telecommunications Association convention this week in Chicago, with an HD pavilion and general sessions broadcast for the first time in HD.

From programmers to cable operators to technology providers, everyone these days is defining their role in this emerging market. In the following pages, you'll find out how HD is driving the industry — ranging from its impact on TV picture quality in the present to HDNet founder Mark Cuban's vision of an all-HD future to a two-page chart chronicling top MSO HDTV market-by-market rollouts, with information on what programming is available on what set-tops.