Higher Sales Boost S-A's Bottom Line


Scientific-Atlanta Inc. generated $70.2 million in fiscal-fourth-quarter earnings on sales of $458.8 million, aided by increased demand for advanced set-tops.

Revenue in the quarter increased 14% year over year, while earnings jumped 48% from last year's $47.4 million.

S-A said it sold 277,000 standard-definition “Explorer 8000” digital-video recorders and 106,000 HDTV DVRs in the quarter. The vendor added that it sold 121,000 HDTV set-tops without DVR capability, giving it 227,000 HD set-tops sold in the quarter.

The company said Cablevision Systems Corp. is testing its “Explorer 8300” Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification-enabled, multiroom DVR, but it wasn't recognizing any revenue pending final product approval by the MSO.

In other earnings news, CSG Systems Inc. reported $22 million in operating income on $129.7 million in revenues for the second quarter. The revenue figure dropped 9% from $142 million in the year-earlier period, but operating income actually rose 8% from last year's $20.3 million.

CommScope Inc. reported earnings of $84.1 million on sales of $312.9 million in its second quarter, compared with net sales of $141.4 million and a net loss of $51.4 million in the year-earlier period.

Last year's net loss included a $53.9 million charge related to after-tax equity losses with OFS BrightWave and impairment charges on fixed assets.