Hispanic TV Summit: Reaching Moms and 'La Familia’


Since the early 1960s, Procter & Gamble has developed and supported outreach and grassroots programs to enrich the lives of U.S. Hispanics.

Such initiatives provide an opportunity to connect with consumers who may find themselves “in a new country, a new environment [and] who may not be familiar with our brands,” said P&G general manager of North America branding Edgar Sandoval.

One of these has been the hugely successful Todobebe program, part of the P&G-sponsored “Viva La Familia” campaign, in which Hispanic moms win merchandise for an in-home fiesta.

“With the future birth rate in the U.S. being so significantly driven by Hispanics, we’ve got to win with mom — mom is No. 1,” Sandoval said. “We try to reach out and meet her on her terms, in her home, in the context of her life.”

Earlier this year, P&G and its Tide brand hosted the “Tide Values Mom” event, designed to thank moms for all their hard work and for taking care of their families.

Mexican singer and actress Angélica María, known as “La Novia de America” (“America’s Sweetheart”) celebrated Mother’s Day by serenading women at Los Angeles-area laundromats over the course of two days.

As part of the celebration, Tide also ran a sweepstakes for area mothers to win a dinner with María.

“We believe this consumer is very discerning, very smart,” Sandoval said, and these programs afford P&G the opportunity to “spend a lot of our time just sharing with them what our brands and our products can do for them. We believe that if we do that, they will choose us, because they’re looking for value and that’s what we provide.”