History Channel Asks Viewers, Partners to Flash to Past

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To promote 1968 With Tom Brokaw, The History Channel is asking viewers, affiliate partners and sponsors to send in their photos from the ’60s – whether their own, or those of parents or friends, network officials said Wednesday. 

To market the Dec. 9 special, The History Channel has three “The Power of ’68” online promotions – each with its own unique Web site – that encourage participants to join in ’60s photo-sharing, video-sharing, a music trivia widget, playing “Where Were You?” and offering everyone the opportunity to dig into the online game “Lady Madonna’s Closet” and dress up in ’60s styles.

A sweepstakes tied to the participation offers concert trips, iTunes shopping sprees and a trunk full of ’60s-inspired memorabilia. Each group jumps from its own landing page to see photos and sweepstakes customized for them. 

Consumers are already getting their first look at 1968 With Tom Brokaw and “The Power of ’68” through promotional partnerships with Barnes & Noble (b&n.com), TiVo, InMotion Entertainment in over 30 airport locations, Pandora.com with an online ’60s radio station, rollingstone.com and Random House. 

The “Power of ’68” promotion is a complement to the national consumer advertising campaign that uses colorful imagery to convey the excitement and relevance to the 21st Century of that pivotal year.