History Channel Plans 10 Days


Pasadena, Calif. -- The History Channel teamed up with 10 award-winning documentary producers to create a "special event," 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America.

Each of the one-hour installments will have different styles (re-enactments, footage to replicate the style of Matthew Brady's photography, animation).

Network executives said they chose the defining moments after a weekend of consultation with historians. They avoided moments of recent history, such as 9/11, to focus on lesser-known incidents such as the Pequot War, the first violent clash between Europeans and Native Americans.

Among the documentarians are Academy Award winners James Moll (The Last Days), R. J. Cutler (The War Room)and Jeffrey Friedman and Rob Epstein (The Celluloid Closet).

The documentary series will begin sometime in April.

The network also bankrolled its first expedition -- a dive to the Titanic for an upcoming special on the doomed ocean liner's last moments, with new suppositions as to its fate -- and a special in February focusing on World War II African Americans who received delayed Medals of Honor.