History Channel Series Salute Higher Ratings


The History Channel's two new Monday-night half-hour series had good starts.

The series, Mail Call at 8 p.m., and Basic Training at 8: 30
p.m., averaged a 1.0 household rating during their Aug. 5 debuts, according to
the network.

That marked the top hour for the network in that time slot year-to-date.

On the demo front, History officials said Mail Call increased its
average among men 25-54, its target audience, by 44 percent, while Basic
was ahead 17 percent among those key viewers.

At the same time, History executives said the shows also scored well with
younger watchers: the average viewer was 43, versus 51 for the network on a

Mail Call, hosted by R. Lee Ermey (the drill sergeant from the late
Stanley Kubrick's Full-Metal Jacket) examines the evolution of combat

Basic Training follows four men and two women as they go through the
rigors of Army basic training.