History Channel Takes New Moniker: History


The History Channel has trimmed down its name, making it short and sweet: History.

“We really look at this as more of an evolution,” said Nancy Dubuc, the network’s executive vice president and general manager, said Monday of the official name change.

“People refer to us as History, and the listings refer to us as History, and everybody refers to us History,” she said. “So we really just wanted to keep the name in step where we were as a brand. And we really do see the brand as all things history, and this evolution embraces that.”

As part of the change, History has also revamped its logo, making it just a large “H” and taking it out of the box that previously was part of the logo, surrounding the network’s name.

Dubuc pointed out that the network’s Web site has been www.history.com for several years now, and that moving to the name History also makes sense since the channel has extended its brand beyond linear TV, to the Internet.

History next month will launch a branding campaign that will promote some of its new series, according to Dubuc.