History Enters 3D Orbit With DirecTV


History will deliver its first stereoscopic 3D broadcast on July 30, by airing an enhanced version of the fifth season premiere of The Universe on DirecTV.

History's 3D telecast will bow at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) on DirecTV's new 3D channel, n3D, which is sponsored by set-maker Panasonic. On the same day, DirecTV will also offer a 2D version of this episode on the DBS leader's The 101 Network, which recently acquired the right to Glenn Close legal drama Damages.

The fifth-season premiere of The Universe, titled "Seven Wonders of the Solar System," was natively produced in 3D by Flight 33 Productions, which shot interviews and B-roll with 3D camera rigs and generated the show's 3D animation in-house. The show makes extensive use of CGI graphics to visualize recent findings from the latest space probes and examines various marvels of the universe including mountain ranges on Saturn's rings and the famous red spot on Jupiter

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