History Fires Arrows in NYC, L.A.


The Huns and Mongols have stormed New York and Los Angeles -- at least on 3-D ads touting an upcoming program on The History Channel.

To generate awareness and buzz for its four-hour Barbarians special, bowing Jan. 19 and 20, History has raised 3-D billboards on New York's 42nd Street near Times Square and in Los Angeles on the Sunset Strip at Sherbourne.

Featuring the tag line, "The Barbarians Are Coming," the ads show hundreds of arrows "protruding" from the billboards.

The concept for the campaign was developed by The Brooklyn Brothers agency, and the billboards were produced by Atomic Props & Effects Ltd.

The four-hour special covers more than 1,000 years of history and conquest of Barbarian tribes focusing on the Vikings, the Mongols, the Huns and the Goths.

"Four-hour special Barbarians is a marquee premiere for The History Channel in January 2004," said Michael Mohamad, History's senior vice president of marketing, in a prepared statement. "To promote the program, we decided to supplement our media marketing approach with this fun and fanciful outdoor statement."