History Greenlights 'Houdini' Miniseries

Adrien Brody Stars as The Renowned Magician

History has conjured its next miniseries, giving the go-ahead to Houdini, starring Adrien Brody in the title role. a four-episode look at Houdini

The four-hour project will look at Houdini’s life as it turns from abject poverty to worldwide fame. Kristen Connolly will co-star as the magician/escape artist's wife, Bess. Production is set to begin this fall.

Gerald Abrams and Andras Hamori will serve as exec producers, with Nicholas Meyer writing and Uli Edel directing. Houdini is a co-production by Lionsgate and A+E Studios.

“It’s not magic that History has established a strong track record with its high-quality historical dramas from quality auspices. We’re excited to build on that tremendous momentum with ‘Houdini,’” said Dirk Hoogstra, executive vice president and general manager at A&E in a statement. “The great Harry Houdini is a fascinating man in history and I have no doubt that Adrien Brody will bring the magician’s riveting story to life for our audience.”

Noted Brody: “Since my childhood, when I dreamed of being a great magician, Harry Houdini has been one of my heroes. His bravery and obsessive determination still fascinate me. Houdini mastered the art of escape – not only from physical chains, but from poverty and the social constraints of a humble immigrant origin. His life story appeals to the universal longing for acceptance with which we all can identify. To portray him is beyond an honor.”