History Makes Command Decisions in Decisive Battles


The History Channel announced the debuts of two new series Wednesday.

Command Decisions, debuting Friday, July 23 at 9:30 p.m. (EST/PST), lets “viewers test their judgment and ability against those of the actual generals who led their forces in the greatest battles in history,” the network said.

Historians, authors and, in some cases, actual battle participants -- including Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf and former U.S. commander in Vietnam Col. David Glantz -- then provide the “correct” answers.

Debuting a half-hour before Command Decisions is Decisive Battles, which goes on-location to actual battlefields and “integrates cutting-edge video-game technology to bring history and imagination together,” History said

Rather than using drawings, paintings and re-enactments to tell the stories of these historic battles, the new computer animation “allows viewers a gods-eye view of the battlefield with its massive numbers of troops, their formations and the weapons and strategies each side employed,” the network added. “Viewers will get the vantage point the generals wish they’d had.”

The computer-animation technology is from upcoming video-game release “Rome: Total War,” the latest installment in The Creative Assembly’s award-winning “Total War” series, which is set to bow this fall.