History's 'Picked Off' Lets FiOS Subs Shop By Remote

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A+E Networks' History is letting Verizon FiOS TV customers browse and purchase items featured in its new competition series, Picked Off, using their remote controls via an expanded deal with T-commerce provider Delivery Agent.

The six-episode run of Picked Off, which premiered Wednesday, July 11, features amateur antiquers competing for a $10,000 prize by procuring rare valuables that are appraised by two expert judges. The show joins History's Pawn Stars, American Pickers and Ice Road Truckers in giving viewers the option to purchase related or featured products through Delivery Agent's platform.

FiOS TV subscribers can purchase a range of replica collectibles featured on Picked Off, including vintage typewriters, pinball machines, radios and soda machines dating to the late 1800s. The items can be ordered using Delivery Agent's TV Wallet transaction engine or access the History Shop application through the FiOS TV Application Storefront under the Shopping category.

History's 'Picked Off'

"Helping realize the continuing success of this television commerce initiative with more programming and content is a big step," Delivery Agent CEO Mike Fitzsimmons said in a statement. "Connecting audiences at home with the rush of capturing forgotten valuables and hidden treasures as they watch from their living room represents a new way of enhancing the viewer experience."

In addition to the T-commerce initiative, History is hosting an online auction -- also powered by Delivery Agent -- for the actual items featured on Picked Off at www.history.com/pickedoff or www.pickedoffauction.com.

Last month, online-payments provider PayPal announced partnerships with Comcast and TiVo to develop new interactive-TV services to develop T-commerce services. The concept of selling goods or services through the TV has been around for two decades but has never evolved as a large-scale revenue opportunity.

By the end of the third quarter of 2012, Delivery Agent expects its T-commerce platform to be live in 16 million households, though Verizon FiOS and other pay TV providers, plus on 5 million connected TVs running Rovi's guide.

San Francisco-based Delivery Agent has worked with other media companies to enable Web commerce and shopping-enabled programming, including CBS, NBCUniversal, Discovery Communications, HBO, Showtime Networks and Univision Communications.