HITN Premieres New Look


HITN, the Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, Thursday unveiled a new logo that it says reflects its role as a leader in Latino public and educational broadcasting.

“Today marks a new phase for HITN, our new logo is meant to serve as a beacon for Hispanics everywhere with its bright orange hue lighting the path to a better tomorrow for our viewers,” HITN founder and CEO Jose Luis Rodriguez said in a prepared statement.

HITN has been serving the Hispanic community in the United States and Puerto Rico for 25 years, and the network sees the launch of its new logo as signifying the beginning of a new era.

The marketing company Garcia 360 provided the professional support to derive the new HITN brand.

“Today's media landscape challenges HITN to distinguish itself from other national networks,” Rodriguez said. “Our new brand will help us break through the cluttered environment by ensuring our viewers that when they see the HITN brand they are in tune with clear and consistent communication.”

HITN-TV was created in 1987, becoming America's first public television network for Latinos. Today, HITN-TV can be found on cable, satellite, video on demand and online reaching more than 31 million households.