Hobbs: TWC Adapts To Its Customers

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Time Warner Cable is responding
to competitive threats
from telcos and satellite providers
by segmenting product offerings to
meet customer needs, chief operating
officer Landel Hobbs said.

At a JP Morgan-
investor conference
in Boston
on May 19,
Hobbs said TWC
is offering more
ethnic packages,
like the El Paquetazo
package, adding
more day-anddate
movies (in June) and offering multiroom
digital video recorders and remote programming
of digital video recorders.

“A lot of the things I’m talking about,
you are liable to see different product
sets for different customers,” Hobbs said.
“That’s coming this year as well.”

He addressed several competitive

Ultra high-speed Internet: Hobbs
said TWC has introduced DOCSIS 3.0
service in New York City, Dallas, Cincinnati,
Buffalo and Syracuse, N.Y.,
and a Charlotte, N.C., launch is coming
“soon.” He said TWC is rolling it
out DOCSIS 3.0 in a “smart way,” not
getting too far ahead of applications,
and would accelerate deployment
only if demand spiked.

Telephony: Growth is slowing, he
said, but is showing gains in the highend
customer segment.

Video: TWC is seeing DirecTV getting
“slightly more aggressive” with
promotions, varying programs by region
and extending them beyond the
typical one year to the life of the contract
(up to two years), Hobbs said. Verizon’s
FiOS expansion, meanwhile, is
slowing, although it has begun off ering
no-contract plans to some buildings
in New York City. Marketing
spend by FiOS TV and AT&T’s U-verse
in TWC markets was flat to down in
the second quarter, he said.