Holiday Wish List


In keeping with the holiday spirit,
Multichannel News polled readers to learn their hopes and wishes for this joyous season.

"1. That we hit 70 million subscribers by our 10th anniversary this April 1.

2. That people see once and for all the inherent dangers in reading.

3. Considering the success of our original series, that they bring back the Cable ACE Awards.

4. That reporters ask me questions as easy as this one."

Larry Divney President & CEO Comedy Central

"I wish for our fascinating explorers and scientists to bring the wonder of our world to our brand new National Geographic Channel and for every MSO to be unable to resist the hoards of enthusiastic viewers who demand 'I want my NGC.'"

Laureen Ong President National Geographic Channel

"1. That Steve Irwin (the Crocodile Hunter) will continue to avoid any untimely reptilian least until Animal Planet reaches 70 million homes.

2. That the government will remove itself from the business of making programming decisions, give choice back to consumers and local operators, and thus allow programming services to compete on their own merits."

Bill Goodwyn Executive VP, Affiliate Sales & Marketing Discovery Networks U.S.

"Our wish is that the cast of Sex in the City
agrees to appear at the Ohio Cable Television Association's 2001 legislative luncheon, along with Brian Lamb, for balance."

Ed Kozelek Executive VP Ohio Cable Television Association

"Lots and lots of co-op marketing support from our great programming and equipment partners."

Doug Seserman Senior VP, Marketing AT&T Broadband

"That 2001 be the year we put the customer first in all our business decisions."

Char Beales President Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing

"All upgrades done by the day after Christmas."

Greg BradenExecutive VP, Engineering & Telephony Operations AT&T Broadband

"My great hope for the New Year is that OpenCable and PacketCable are as successful as DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) in advancing the cable industry's technical capability in broadband and new services for our customers."

Richard Green President & Chairman Cable Television Laboratories Inc.

"That millions of consumers are enjoying the benefits of new broadband technologies after installation by a trained and certified cable technical field force."

John Clark CEO Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers

Holiday wish: "No cold or hungry children, anywhere."

New Year's wish: "Prosperity for all."

Dan Pike CTO Classic Communitions

"I wish for Wink continued momentum and successful deployment with our terrific cable and DBS partners and the unrelenting growth of Wink-enhanced programming offered from our broadcast and cable-network partners. Also, for all of our advertising partners to air additional Wink-enhanced ads, and for fun and yet even greater fun for all of our viewers. And finally, but certainly not the least of my wishes, is for the continued contributions and unfailing support of Wink's team of people that make it all happen. Happy Holidays."

Maggie Wilderotter CEO Wink Communictions Inc.

"I wish for interactive TV to continue to take off around the world, giving viewers the kind of content and services that make television a richer and more entertaining experience."

Mitchell Kertzman CEO Liberate Technologies

"Political harmony for Republicans and Democrats, regulatory stability, and millions of satisfied new digital-cable customers."

Robert J. Sachs President & CEO National Cable Television Association

"One wish is for a Porsche. Another is for much better relationships between programmers and operators."

John Burns President, Distribution Fox Family Channel

"Dear Santa: I've been very nice all year, and life is good. I don't want or need much-I work for a great company with lots of money and a wonderful staff. It would be nice, however, if you could drop down my chimney just one beautifully wrapped, already signed, franchise (with maybe a half-a-million passings)! Oh, and a shiny new convertible wouldn't hurt either."

Brenda J. Trainor VP, Public Policy Altrio Communications

"For stock prices to go up. In a year when AT&T's stock price has fallen 70 percent, higher stock prices have to be number one on every cable executive's wish list."

John Mansell Telecommunications Analyst Paul Kagan Associates

"Over the past year, there indeed were hopeful signs that our industry renewed its commitments and efforts to diversify our workforce. It is my wish, that by this same time next year, we will have shown tangible results-backing up our lofty diversity goals with real progress. I have no doubt that we can make that happen."

Spencer Kaitz President & General Counsel California Cable Television Association

"A more pro-cable (U.S. Sen.) John McCain will make my job easier in Arizona."

Susan Bitter Smith Executive Director Arizona Cable Telecommunications Association

"With humility and gratitude, I'm looking forward to my 2,000th locally originated public-affairs show. Also, I'm looking forward to completed digital deployment.and exploring the idea of a regional news channel. As the new chairman of the CCTA, I look forward to a positive year in the cable industry in California."

Bill Rosendahl VP, Operations, Southern California Adelphia Communications Corp.; Incoming Chairman, California Cable Television Association

"One, for the industry to finally, truly accept diversity as a rule of thumb and not as an afterthought. Secondly, I hope that sometime in 2001, BET On Jazz can get on DirecTV and EchoStar. Lastly, I hope the industry begins to look at more urban markets to push Cable in the Classroom."

Curtis Symonds Executive VP, Affiliate Sales & Marketing Black Entertainment Television

"1. To break PPV buy-rate records in 2001, copying the theatrical box-office success of Universal in 2000.

2. To speed the rollout of digital cable.

3. At this time next year, to enjoy the success of The Grinch
on PPV."

Stacy Melle Director Worldwide Pay-Per-View Marketing Universal Studios PPV

"1. More time, an extra two hours every day.

2. A cure for cancer."

John Waller Chairman Waller Capital Corp.